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Susan Forest

"Susan Forest grew up in a family of mountaineers, canoeists, and skiers, and she loves adventure. She also loves the big ideas found in science fiction and fantasy, and finds fast-paced adventure stories a great place to explore how individuals grapple with complex moral decisions. Bursts of Fire, the Aurora-Award-winning first book in her Addicted to Heaven series (August, 2019, followed by Flights of Marigolds, 2020), confronts the issue of addictions in an epic fantasy world of intrigue and betrayal.
In addition, Susan is an award-winning author of over 25 short stories (Analog, Asimov's, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and more), and has appeared at many international writing conventions. Susan loves travel and has been known to dictate novels from the back of her husband's motorcycle."

Works by This Author

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