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Robert Bagnall

Robert Bagnall is an English writer who has completed four undistinguished marathons but holds a world record for eating cream teas. The two may be related.
His speculative fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines, websites, and anthologies since the early 1990s. His words have also very, very occasionally cropped up on radio, in newspapers, and out of the mouths of UK government ministers, for whom he was briefly a speechwriter. He is currently taking a break from corporate wage slavery to renovate a Victorian villa on the English Riviera.
You can find his musings on science fiction and writing at and his non-fiction book ‘127a – Diary of a Self-Builder’ on Amazon. His science fiction novel ‘2084’ will be released by Double Dragon Publications in late 2017.
He doesn’t like dogs and is allergic to cats.

Works by This Author

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