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Randall Andrews

Jennifer R. Povey was born in the city of Robin Hood - Nottingham, England. The daughter of a professional musician, she graduated from the University of York with a degree in Archaeology. Two years later she emigrated to the United States and married her American husband, Gregory. She is now an American citizen.
Jennifer writes across a variety of genres, but her focus is speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She has had a number of stories published in a variety of anthologies and periodicals, both print and electronic. She was also a finalist for the Washington Science Fiction Society Small Press Award in 2021 for her short science fiction story "Guest Athletes."
When not working on fiction, she works as a freelancer, both writing and editing non-fiction. She is an experienced tabletop RPG designer who has done some work for Paizo.
She is an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America.
Jennifer does not use generative AI in creating her books (or her cover art).

Works by This Author

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