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Oleg Divov

"Oleg Divov is one of the most popular fantasists in Russia. He’s the author of fifteen novels and six short story collections. His first novel was published in 1997. To date, his print books have sold over two million copies. From the start, Divov established himself as the author who bucks the trends and subverts tropes, rearranging them into a post-modernist mosaic. Literary critics have called him an “L’Enfant terrible of Russian science fiction,” and his novel The Culling, “the most utopian of dystopias and the most dystopian of utopias.”
His recent novels include The Elephants’ Homeland (a history of the Russian north, where mammoths never went extinct), Alien Earth (about a diplomatic mission on a distant planet, where humans brought a deadly virus) and Tech Support (a simple marketing specialist from Moscow must sell an African dictator a bipedal warmachine).
Prior to becoming a full-time fiction writer, Divov worked as a journalist and copy writer. He served in the Soviet army for two years, and managed to get himself kicked out of the Moscow University journalism program for cutting too many classes. He’s now fifty years old and has collected fifty literary awards. His books have been translated into Chinese and Polish. “Americans on the Moon” is his first English language publication."

Works by This Author

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