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Mike Baron

"Mike Baron entered the comics industry with an illustrated text piece in Weird Trips Magazine #1 (March 1974) published by Kitchen Sink Press.[2] In 1981, he published his first formal comics script with Nexus, the science fiction title he co-created with illustrator Steve Rude; the series garnered numerous honors, including Eisner Awards for both creators. A prolific creator, Baron is responsible for The Badger, Ginger Fox, Spyke, Feud, and many other comic book properties. He and artist Jackson Guice relaunched The Flash in June 1987, when Wally West took on the mantle at DC Comics.[3]Also in 1987, Baron launched and wrote the first ongoing Punisher series at Marvel Comics, remaining on the title for over 5 years. During that acclaimed run, he and Klaus Janson introduced the character Microchip as an ally of The Punisher in The Punisher #4 (November 1987).[4]
In 1988, Baron wrote the ""Deadman"" feature in Action Comics Weekly which led to two subsequent Deadman limited series.[5] Baron has also written numerous other mainstream characters including Batman and several Star Wars adaptations for Dark Horse Comics. In 2014, Baron published Biker, his first novel, about reformed motorcycle hoodlum Josh Pratt. First in the 'Bad Road Rising' series. In 2018, Liberty Island Press will release six Josh Pratt novels, and Disco, a story about a boy and his dog. He has created Florida Man, Thin Blue Line, Private American, Bronze Star, a weird western with Pat Broderick, and Q-Ball, a comic about martial arts and espionage, with Barry McClain Jr."

Works by This Author

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