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Matt Mikalatos

"Matt Mikalatos is a Christian author, speaker, and missionary. He is based out of the Portland area and is the author of the comedy theology novels Night of the Living Dead Christian and My Imaginary Jesus, as well as the fantasy novel The Sword of Six Worlds.
Matt Mikalatos graduated from University of California, Riverside and Western Seminary.[1] During college breaks, Mikalatos worked at the Concord, California Flying Colors Comics store.[2] For a time he worked as a high school teacher.[1] As of 2010, Mikalatos had spent eleven years as a staff member with Cru. He has traveled abroad as a missionary to Croatia, Spain, and multiple parts of Asia.[2] Mikalatos also works as a speaker for various events. He has published articles in periodicals such as Discipleship Journal, The Wittenburg Door, Relief, and Coach's Midnight Diner, along with writing books.[3] In an interview in August 2012, Mikalatos stated that he was working on ""a non-fiction book about how and why we talk about Jesus"" and ""a re-telling of the stories of Jesus in modern day called Jesus In the Real World""."

Works by This Author

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