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Karin Melberg-Schwier

"Karin is a full-time freelance writer, editor and illustrator. She writes for local and national magazines and newspapers, and a variety of non-profits, businesses and government agencies. Her photographs often accompany her work, and her illustrations appear in books, presentations and private collections.
While she has a longtime focus on disability issues, she is a sought-after and versatile writer and handles each job with respect, professionalism and a sense of humour. She can find the thread of a good story in subjects ranging from kitchen design, a seniors’ ski team, bariatric weight loss surgery, to energy efficient housing, outdoor home theatres, Saskatoon’s water quality, business profiles, and volunteer accomplishments.
One favourite interview had her digging into the childhood memories of a Hollywood actor who called her “a joy to talk to and an artist” at interviewing. But it is often what she draws from less celebrated people that she finds most interesting. Another favourite was with Ukrainian babas, one 90 and the other 96, sisters who still garden in their Saskatoon back yards. She approaches every assignment knowing there’s a worthwhile story to be told, and she understands the importance of the good communications loop in every project"

Works by This Author

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