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Eric Kent Edstrom

"Eric Kent Edstrom is a fantasy and SF writer.
Starside Saga: Fantasy
1. Thief of Sparks
2. A Raven's Dream
3. Mind of Mercusine
4. The Raven Throne
5. The Force of Destiny
6. The Shadline Rises
7. Fortress of Shadow
8. Dagger of Deception
The Scion Chronicles: YA Dystopian
1. Daughter of Nothing
2. Child of Lies
3. Sister of Shadows
4. Scions of Sacrifice
Complete Boxed Set
Find Eric's short stories in Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse, Tavern Tales, Haunted, Last Stand, Not Only Humans, Superpowers, Justice, Wishes, and Chronicle Worlds: Feyland, and more.
Edstrom lives in Wisconsin with his wife, daughter, and two crazy Brittany dogs named Lucky and Arrow. To learn about upcoming releases, join his mailing list at"

Works by This Author

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