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Bill Wood

"Born in 1964 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, I had a fairly normal childhood getting up to the usual things youngsters should and sometimes shouldn't get up to, in a beautiful part of England's green and pleasant land. From an early age I've always enjoyed entertaining people, particularly in a comical way through anecdotes, visual, or spontaneous observational humour. I love the sound of laughter and comical banter. Unfortunately, in my youth, and especially at school, this could often get me into trouble but later on in life in the 'big bad world', it has often been a positive attribute at work and in leisure, rather than a negative one.
The inspiration for my book 'An Odd Undertaking', really comes from other people's interest and curiosity about the subject of death and the funeral business. Questions I would be asked when people found out I was an undertaker and the desire to hear all about my adventures. That morbid fascination that our species seems to possess. Having decided to actually write a book, I wanted it to be as much about the journey of life as it is about death and my experiences as an undertaker. About family, friendships, and the weird and wonderful characters that we share this rather unpredictable journey with. I wanted my story to be an entertaining and mostly humorous read - to be interesting and factual - to quell misunderstandings - and occasionally to be a little thought provoking. The real challange was how to get the balance right between the humorous aspect of my writing while retaining the respect and solemnity that the subject of death deserves. I feel I have managed to achieve that balance quite successfully. Relocated from the idyllic leafy surrounings of the Cotswolds, in 1977, to the urban hustle and bustle of city life in London, I left school at the age of sixteen and a variety of career paths unfolded, before leading me into the intriguing world of the funeral business. It certainly was, 'An Odd Undertaking'."

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