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Taiyo Fujii

"Taiyo Fujii (藤井太洋 Fujii Taiyō?) (born 1971 in Amami Ōshima) is a Japanese science fiction writer.
2015: Nihon SF Taisho for Orbital Cloud
2015: Seiun Award Japanese Long Form for Orbital Cloud
English translations, long form[edit]
Gene Mapper (2015), translation of Gene Mapper —full build— (2013)
English translations, short form
""Violation of the TrueNet Security Act"" (2015), translation of ""Koraborēshon"" (コラボレーション?) (2012)
""A Fair War"" (2016), translation of ""Kōseiteki sentō kihan"" (公正的戦闘規範?) (2015)"

Works by This Author

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