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Lawrence Schoen

"Schoen was born in Chicago, Illinois, but his family moved to Southern California when he was 18 months old, and he grew up in Culver City.[3]
In 1983, he graduated with B.S. in psycholinguistics from California State University, Northridge, having designed his own major, and then moved on to Kansas State University where he earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology. In graduate school, Schoen's research focused on cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics.[3]
Doctorate in hand, he spent the next ten years in academia as an assistant professor at New College of Florida, Lake Forest College in Illinois, and Chestnut Hill College in Pennsylvania. He then moved to the private sector and served for about 17 years as the director of research and analytics for a medical center which provides mental health and addiction treatment service works throughout Philadelphia.[4]
In August 2019, Schoen was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and began treatment. The following January, he underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant and entered a new regimen of chemotherapy. As of February 2021, he was in remission.
Schoen lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.[3]"

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