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Ian Randal Strock

"Ian Randal Strock is an author and editor, and he's frequently confused as to which hat he's wearing. The Presidential Book of Lists was his first book, drawing on his life-long passion for US history, the Presidents, and trivia. He followed it up with Ranking the First Ladies and Ranking the Vice Presidents, and though 98% of his published words are non-fiction, he still thinks of himself as a science fiction writer. Most of his science fiction has been published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact and in the British science journal Nature. As an editor and publisher, he owns and operates Gray Rabbit Publications and its speculative fiction imprint Fantastic Books ( He's also available for speaking appearances, talking about the Presidents, writing, or manned commercial space industrialization (yes, he's also one of the founders of the Artemis Project).
His personal web site, which combines his many roles, is at He's also on Facebook, and, well, spreading himself thin in the electronic realm."

Works by This Author

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