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Gini Koch

"Gini Koch started writing in the American Southwest as something to do in between staring at pictures of good-looking leading men, but now sweats out the words, both literally and figuratively, in Hotlanta and dreams of dry heat. She has over 70 titles but is best known for her bestselling, award-winning Alien/Katherine ""Kitty"" Katt series from DAW Books, which started with Touched by an Alien and has sixteen books out currently, with seventeen through twenty on the way. Gini's made the most of multiple personality disorder by writing under a variety of other pen names as well, including G.J. Koch (the Alexander Outland series), Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton (the New West Series and the Legend of Belladonna series), and J.C. Koch, and all her various personas have stories featured in excellent anthologies, available now and upcoming. No matter what length – from science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, space opera, urban fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, dystopian, westerns, romantic suspense, weird west, and more – if it's genre, she writes it. She's an avid follower of pop culture, comics, and anything and everything animated. She guests, exhibits, and panels frequently at cons across the U.S., large and small, because if there's one thing that she likes (and you can be sure that there is) it's getting to run her yap and interact with fans.
She still has the most wonderful and patient husband in the world, a remarkably supportive family who don't mind that she spends most of her time in other worlds, and she remains inspired mainly by good-looking leading men. She's also inspired by the need to keep her Canine Death Squad and Killer Kitties in kibble and treats because they're both her cheering squad and one of her main distractions (and all the furred beasts say sorry not sorry about that)."

Works by This Author

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