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Emily Martha Sorenson

"Hi! I'm Emily Martha Sorensen! I have a wonderful husband, seven kids who are often a handful, a madcap eccentric swarm of characters in my head, and I'm a devout Christian who always prioritizes loving God and loving my neighbor.
I write fantasy and science fiction that is full of whimsy.
I write clever characters who charge straight through my plot and spend it spinning wildly off the rails. (Those brats.)
I write magic systems with strict rules and surprising limitations.
I write plot twists that will make your jaw drop.
I write romance after the happily-ever-after. That's where the relationship starts!
I write darkness that exists only to help characters grow towards greater light.
I write —
Wait, where did those uncooperative protagonists put the plot this time? They just ran off with it, cackling maniacally!
Well, I hope they'll leave you grinning." Generic

Works by This Author

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