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A.R. Alan

Barbara Bixon is a born storyteller. Even in first grade, she became notorious for scribbling stories on scraps of paper. When she wasn’t doing that, she’d have her nose buried in a book, soaking up other peoples’ stories. Reading and writing novels became lifelong passions, and she’s currently finishing her eleventh novel. Worldwide travel and a career that brought her into contact with a never-ending stream of interesting personalities and celebrities fanned her already fertile imagination over the years and validate the vivid, often zany characters that people her novels.
Barbara is also an avid environmentalist and played a major role in saving a New Jersey/New York mountain range from developers. It will remain open space forever. Previously writing under the name of B.B. Carter and currently as A.R. Alan, she has had many short stories, poems and novels published. She’s also sold comedic material to Joan Rivers. Screenplays available for: “The House Of Cupcakes, The CB (Chocolate Brown) Social Club, and Do I Flaunt My Fat, Or Jump Off A Bridge? Barbara would love to hear from her readers. You can contact her at:

Works by This Author

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